Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Joining the Circus

So we'd thought we'd join the circus to help pass the time...okay, not really but Jon and the kids can do this cool balancing act.
Even Jade can balance at 5 months and don't worry, neither of the kids have ever fallen
Here we all are!
I love this picture of great Grandma and Grandpa. Jamen and Grandpa are making the same face, love it!
Jamen got introduced to the Quast family tradition of Buffalo wings from Buffalo, NY
Lastly, here we are about to go to a movie for our fourth wedding anniversary.

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mom said...

Love the updates-you make me smile like the sun (fall out of bed. spin like a record..) beautiful kids, I can't tell if they lokk mor like jen or jon! The balancing act I think is a fatherly instinct!The "pool" is not what came to mind but it works!Love the "feet" picture, new hair cut for Jamen and happy anniversary! Guess you gave up on the long hair too! You all look wonderful! I send my love!