Monday, May 31, 2010

Moving on

A week ago we packed up and moved once again. We will continue to be all over the country for the next year. While we were packing we came across these swimming goggles, they were a good look for Jamen.
We got ALL our belongings into our Ford Explorer and drove to our first camp site. Jon and Jamen were just hanging out, enjoying not being in our car.
The best part of camping is roasting marshmallows. Jamen enjoyed his first roasted marshmallow!
While we set up the tent, Jamen was busy building.
Jade was very sleepy and slept great all night!
We made it safely to VA and we are enjoying being with family for the next few weeks.


Lauren said...

Hi Jen! I'll have to catch up with you via email... what are your plans for the next year?

Anonymous said...

Hello Jon and Jen,
I'm happy to inform you that my friends and family are offering to support you with a one time gift.
PS. Great Pics!
Rocky Mount, NC