Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Quilting batteries

Okay, so I'm not really quilting with batteries but I have been working with both. Allow me to explain....back in August I started hand sewing a quilt for Jamen. I had taken all his old receiving blankets and cut them up to make one big blanket. All has been going well except that its taking me 7 months to sew it and I'm not even half way done! So I borrowed as sewing machine, which I've never used before, and finished his blanket in three days instead of three more months. Below is the finished product. I am pretty pleased with it and Jamen seems to like it.

Now, getting back to the batteries. We are learning all about electricity and using a multi meter in class right now. So on Tuesday we got to recharge batteries by hand, it was a little scary with sparks flying and loud zapping noises, but I survived. 
Here I am recharging my batteries, by the way don't try this at home. You can only do it with certain types of batteries.
Now to what Jamen has been up to. Recently, Jamen has started to express an interest in dogs...aka puppies. He barks like them, he likes reading about them in the books and he likes to play with his stuffed puppies. As you can tell he's just chillin' with the puppies while teething on his spoon. He's such a clown sometimes.
In this video Jamen does his puppy just takes a little while...enjoy

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