Saturday, February 14, 2009

Busy week

Ever had one of those weeks when you forget what week you are actually in? Well, that was me this week. I kept thinking it was next week and it was really starting to mess with my mind. I kept planning things that weren't suppose to take place until next week and canceling things because I thought I already had plans. I was glad for the three day weekend. I hope things go better this week.

This weekend was good for us, we needed a little down time to get caught up on things or to do nothing at all. We got some family pictures taken on Saturday, we rented Horton Hears A Who, weaned Jamen from his pacifier and started potty training. Jon also has been working on his wooden surfboard and I have been working on my many different sewing projects. I know it sounds busy but its been good;-)

Jamen after eating avocado, he matches his pants!

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