Monday, September 08, 2008

Just because

The other day Jon and I were getting supper ready and when we turned around there was Jamen, off his blanket and on the other side of the room.
He then proceeded to scoot himself backward under the table.
For a while he had this surprised look on his face, like "how did I get over here?" We didn't get any pictures of him smiling but he was pretty proud of himself! He's not crawling yet, but he rolls and scoots.
This is Jamen after a nap. He's not awake yet, can you tell?
Its been raining these last few days and I had to dress Jamen in his little rain coat. He was fine
with it as long as he could still get at his hands.


lean said...

oh my goodness he is getting so big:-) he is super cute too i must say!!!

love ya <3

Anonymous said...

What a beautiful boy! You can just tell any child with such incredible motor skills is headed toward greatness! Watch closely1 He's growing up before your very eyes! XXOO MOM/gran'ma S.