Tuesday, September 02, 2008

Books, toes and sweet potatoes

Jon and Jamen reading Hop on Pop by Dr. Seuss before nap time.

Jamen loves his books, he also likes eating them!

Jamen recently found his feet, he hardly lets them go now.

He gets more and more cute everyday and he's always trying something new.

We went to the local farmers market last weekend and I bought the biggest sweet potato I'd ever seen. I could hardly pick it up with one hand because its so big!

It's 12 inches long and weighed a little over 2lbs. I cooked it up and made it into baby food for Jamen. It filled 5 ice cube trays, hope he likes sweet potato!

So while Jamen has been enjoying his books and finding his toes and we've been to the farmers market and are constantly being challenged in our classes. Last week we looked at worldviews and how people think and this week we have a lot of intro class. They are wetting our appetite for whats to come in the future. We'll keep you posted!

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Lauren said...

Jen and Jon- that little guy is a cutie. Glad to know you are doing well at school. Lauren, Jonathan, and Flip.