Sunday, January 04, 2015

Once Again

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!
 It has been so fun this month to enjoy all the fun traditions we hadn't experienced the last three years....
Decorating the tree in the cool of the house 
Frosting cookies with Pa
Wearing warm winter hats and mittens
 Then Jade turned 5! I can hardly believe its been 5 years!
It was so fun to throw her a themed party, it was a surprise and she loved it!
Frozen crafts 
Building a "snowman" 
Chocolate cupcakes with vanilla icing! 
Fun Frozen foods and ideas (thank you pinterest)
Both sets of Grandparents were able to be there and some of the cousins, it was a good party!

So this brings our furlough to a close, its been a full 7 months but a good time to catch our breath a bit, do fun things as a family, see all our family and visit with friends and churches. We are almost packed and ready to go back in three days! 

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zerry ht said...

Thanks a million for this share. All of the photos are nice. That time of the year is back again and this is why stir is back in the families. People have started shopping for Xmas and NYEs. We too would host the DIY NYE bash at one of the rooftop San Francisco venues and have book the location in pretty advance.