Saturday, August 29, 2015

That's Life

The biggest news these days is we have internet here at home! Its weird to be connected to everyone and everything. But also very helpful... I'm writing from the kitchen table, its a hot (102F) windy Saturday. The last few months have been hard for me, I've struggled with balancing homeschooling, keeping up with house, studying, making friends and in all that time management and routine. But the Lord has encouraged me through friends and just taking the time to figure out what works for me and our family. Its been quite the growing process, I don't have it all figured out but I'm learning flexibility and realizing that our routine will change with the time of year and that's okay.
So back in June we had a ton and I mean a ton of these was nuts! They ate a lot of the trees and they covered everything! We then had lots of butterflies, some even got in the house and so we would wake to butterflies drying their wings in the morning.
Its been winter time and we did have some cold mornings of 55F in the house, so Saturday mornings looked like this.
Other mornings looked like this...Jonas went outside to work with Jon (pictured below).
Jon laying cement for the washing machine
We enjoyed a wonderful package from sweet friends, so many goodies!
I got a nasty rash on my wrist, it was actually getting better in this picture. I don't know what it was but it bubbled my skin and oozed and itched like crazy. I had tried just about everything on it (lotions, essential oils, apple cinder vinegar) and nothing was helping. Finally I showed my neighbor and she told me to scratch it open and rub garlic in it. So naturally I did it and it burned like crazy but its finally gone away. I'm guessing it was some kind of worm...yuck! 
I got that little guy stuck in my leg last weekend...people call them jumping cactus. Now I know why. I didn't even see it until it was stuck in my leg. Guess it was bound to happen sooner or later, they burn and itch even after they have been pulled out.
The kids and I did some exploring...the above tree is in bloom right now and its smells like jasmine 
Back in July we made a trip to the river, it was a fun family day! 
Jamen caught the smallest fish of the day 
Jade and Jonas found a shady spot to play. 
So that's a bit of life here the last few months!