Tuesday, February 04, 2014

New Chapter

The month of January was a bit emotional for me as we prepared to leave our life in the city and move once again. We had lots of goodbyes to say to people...
Our pastor and his family 
Our friends who gave us a beautiful picture that was painted by a family member. 
More friends from our life group 
Our pastor saying a few words at our goodbye party...I was trying not to cry in this picture 
I went and had ice cream with my dear friend, it was nice to just sit and chat with her. Normally when we get together it's at her house or mine and it's always so busy we feel like we don't visit as much as we'd like. So this was a special time for us. 
Finally, the day came and we packed all the last minute stuff (including dog and cat) and drove 293 miles to our "new home" in the Chaco. Praise the Lord we got there with almost no problems!
Our friends followed us up and they were able to get these pictures, that's our truck as we entered town. 
When we got to our final destination, Jon kissed the ground! 
So, here it is the Paraguayan Chaco.
We love it here! Of course being a country girl myself, its wonderful to hear the birds singing all day long and to hear the wind in the trees. The kids are so happy to dig in the dirt. Some of the first things I've learned about living here is you get dirty pretty quick, its hot but not humid like was in the city and almost everything that grows here has thorns. But its beautiful, right now there are a ton of white butterflys all over and there are flowers and fruits that grow here. I am looking forward to getting to know more about this new place we call home.

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