Tuesday, August 09, 2011

Spaghetti Letters

There is always so much I could write about so I never know where to start. So, I thought I share a little more about the kids this week.
Jade has been enjoying Spaghetti night! Noodles are easy to come by and so is tomato sauce. I do have to make my own spaghetti sauce, which I have finally mastered.
Jamen has been learning to spell, he made an "E" all by him self the other day.
Jamen also spelled out his name with playdough 
Jade likes playdough time too
I've also tried to have a day were we have pancakes. Right now it doesn't always fall on the same day but at least we have fun breakfast day.
Jamen really looks forward to it!
And last but not least, here is nice picture of our room/office. 

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