Saturday, April 10, 2010

Happy Birthday

This year Jamens birthday was more fun for all of us. He wasn't cranky like last year and he had a bit more understanding about what was going on. He was so cute opening his gifts and was thrilled when everyone clapped after he blew out his candles. We had big party for Jamen and two other classmates of Jon's cause it was their birthday as well. We had a BBQ potluck, bonfire, and a really good time. Enjoy the pictures!

We started the day out by opening gifts from family, he kept making this face as he opened his birthday presents.
Happy face, he loved all his gifts, thank you!
Birthday dinner and Mater birthday hat
Winnie the Pooh cake that Mommy made
I think he liked it
Playing with friends
He was pretty sleepy by the end of the evening, but he had a great birthday!

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TJ and Lily Shropshire said...

looks like fun. Happy birthday Jamen!