Saturday, October 31, 2009

Halloween and much more

Here is our little Pooh bear on his second Halloween
Don't be fooled by his cute smile, we practically had to stand on our heads to get him to smile. He didn't like the "hat"

He is so cute!
Earlier this week Jamen learned about horsey rides
In this picture I promise NOTHING is holding the broom up, something about the equinox makes the broom stand up. It stayed that way for a while too, it wasn't a quick thing. Again, the broom is not resting on Jon's hand or foot, it really stood there, it was very cool!
Here is Jon making homemade bread for our scratch cooking class
Here was the final product...he did a great job!

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Allana said...

Jamen looks SO cute!!! Is Jon going to be doing all the cooking now? The bread looked great!