Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Where have we been?

About two weeks ago we left MO and headed east to sunny GA were the cockroaches are big, the sun is hot, the peaches are sweet and juicy and people with thick southern accents make Jamen cry. We are enjoying our time here in GA, its good to be back. As you saw in the last post we were at kids camp with our church last week. This week is full of meetings, dinner with friends and many speaking opportunities. Below are some fun pictures of us.

This week we are also house sitting for a family on vacation and they have a dog which Jamen is in love with!
Here is Jamen after our morning walk
This is Jamen and I in Mammoth Cave
Here is Jon and Jamen outside the cave
Here is Jamen playing with the puppy, who gives lots of kisses!

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