Thursday, November 27, 2008

Thanksgiving Pictures

This Thanksgiving we were blessed to be able to go to Uncle Ed and Aunt Merions house in Springfield MO.  We can't believe that we have family just over an hour away!

Thanksgiving morning Jamen joined the gang as we watched the Thanksgiving Day Parade
 Jamen was surprised at the disgraceful perfermance by the Detroit Lions

 After Thanksgiving Dinner we took Jamen to the Bass Pro World Headquarters in Springfield.  He loved watching the fish and the ducks in the different aquariums.

He also got to see Santa while he we were there!
But the highlight of the day for Jamen was the dog Nicky.  He thought she was the best thing ever...unfortunately Nicky thought Jamen was out to get her and spent the entire time hiding from Jamen.

sorry for how dim this video is...but I think it shows the relationship Jamen and Nicky have. 
Happy Thanksgiving!

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