Wednesday, October 01, 2008

Where Do We Go From Here

Hello Brothers and Sisters in Christ. This is not intended to be a one-time post but a theme that will be revisted many times over the next couple of months. We had our "field fair" here at the Missionary Training Center just over a week ago now. The field fair is where representatives came and shared the needs around our world specifically relating to those that had never heard the gospel.

While Jen and I have not made official decisions or plans, we would like you to be praying with us as we feel like we are praying for a couple of fields specifically. Would you join us as we pray for our future involvement in either the Paraguay, Bolivia, or Senegal fields? We will supply more information on each of these fields respectively. Each has very real needs, and each presents unique challenges.

We hope to have made our decision along with our sending church First Bapist St Marys GA no later than Februray. The sooner we decide the better, but we do not want to rush into a field without first following Gods lead. Thank you all for your prayers and support...they are what keeps us going

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Brian and Becky Vail said...

Brian and I are definitely praying for you guys. I do have to say I had to chuckle going from that blog to seeing "Jamen in his high chair", etc. He is so cute!! I can't wait for his little cousin to be here! Keep us posted on where you decide to go! love you!