Friday, June 06, 2008

All Smiles

Nope its not gas. Our little Jamen is smiling now and he's not so little anymore. He is up to 11lbs!


lean said...

My goodness your little man is getting so big:-) thanks for keepin recent pics up for me to see!!

love ya

Ben & Ruth said...

Congratulations on little Jamen! Everyone looks great!

Love ya,
-Kane Fam.

MOM said...

Wow! as I write this I realize Jamen is two months old already! Jen, he so looks like you in that picture! Same smiley face I have of you in your baby pictures!!!Stay happy, together!XXOO

Brian said...

He is too cute! I can't wait for him to meet his cousin or cousina! we love you little Jamen!
Uncle Brian and Aunt Becky