Sunday, March 23, 2008

Last Weekend Ever?

Quite possibly so. With a baby on the way it occured to me that this weekend could have been the last weekend I'll have for awhile with nothing to worry about except doing what I want to do. Sounds selfish, and it is. I'm not dreading having a son to care for and be concerened about along with making sure his mommy has everything she needs and feels loved and all the things in life that change with baby number one, but that doesn't mean I didn't feel the need to have one last horray.

The morning started out late, as I slept in really late. I only woke up when my friend Andy called me to go to surfing. It's that time of year here and of course I went.
Andy's girlfriend Kerri got these sweet pictures and we had a blast and ate pizza and laughed at pelicans. I feel like I had a cool responsibility free day, and now am ready for responsibility full time.

Happy Easter

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Anonymous said...

OK, not with such finality, not your last weekend ever but definitely a sense of something bigger than just taking care of yourself. Ride the wave,hit the surf, enjoy the beach and know there will be other days in the sun (with your son!)momntom