Thursday, February 21, 2008

Look How Much We've Grown!

6 weeks

I never thought I would look pregnant but the day has finally come. Everyone said it would and they were right.

20 weeks

I don’t seem to notice how round my belly has gotten until I try to squeeze through a small space or when Jon gives me a hug.

27 weeks

Life becomes a little tricky when you have twelve inches all out front that can’t be pushed aside or squished.

30 weeks
Don’t get me wrong though, I won’t change this experience for anything. I have enjoyed every moment and it’s not over yet.

33 weeks
Our little boy is growing very well and is a big mover. He is constantly rearranging my organs and if my ribs could bend anymore they would be in really cool shapes right now.

33 weeks

With only 6 weeks until my due date it’s hard not to become impatient. We are looking forward to meeting our baby boy!


Anonymous said...

Hey Jen! I love those last pictures; you're one of those cute pregnant ladies! I hope all is well with you both. Thanks for posting more pictures because we check up on you guys often.

lean said...

I love the pictures:-) I am so excited for your little guy to show himself to the world!!!

Naomi said...

Jen! Your pictures are making me weep! I am soo excited for you both! Your boy is certainly growing big and strong! I am praying for you all! ILOVEYOUGIRL!!

love you,
your sister - "auntie" naomi,

Anonymous said...

What a sweet progression of belly pics! and the cute belly button hand heart! You are beautiful! love youall and all of you! momntom

Glenn and Cheryl said...

Well well.
So we got to meet very young Jamen tonight - it was great to meet the rib bender and see you as a young family. He is a very lucky young man to have such wonderful people as parents. Remember - if you need anything, don't hesitate to call!