Friday, November 09, 2007

Its A Boy

That is correct. We are having a boy. This morning I was able to take off from work so that I could drive Jen to her docter's appointment in Jacksonville. It was nice to actually sleep in a bit, but then it was off to the docter's office. There was a little confusion on which exit to take because Floridians like to be elusive but we made it just fine. (Georgians like things to make sense, that is why we have peaches) We arrived at the docters office in PLENTY of time (I think that no matter what time you arrive at the docter you will always wait one hour in the waiting room). We went in and they did their thing and we got this wonderful image. As you can see it is a boy. We were encouraged that many things with the baby were perfectly normal (a couple minor normal variances) and healthy. Afterwards the docter sat us down and explained everything to us, in words I could mostly understand, and we left feeling very relieved and excited over finding out the gender. Then it was a race back home to get my work done at "the office".


LeAnn said...

A baby boy how exciting!!! I am unbelievably excited for you both I can hardly contain my joy!!

Boot said...

awesome buddy!!! I know your stoked about having a kid...and a boy at that! Yesssssss the Quast legacy lives on! Love you brother!

world view hunter and dipsy said...

Dude i'm so happy that it'a a boy, well i have some news 2!