Tuesday, October 09, 2007

These are the Last Days

Sunday School with a bunch of 9th and 10th grade boys is always an adventure. I have been teaching them now for about 1 month and it is going well. The first week I asked them some questions to see what they understand and don't understand about the Bible. I wanted to teach them Romans (since they came up with a 14 step process for salvation) but they were adament that they wanted to learn end times. Although I didn't think it was the greatest misunderstanding they had, I decided that it would be a good idea just because of how vocal they were on wanting to learn end times. So far they have shown enthusiasm in sunday school and if it helps them learn truth then so be it.

Today we talked about the Davidic Covenant and how David is promised an eternal lineage of Kings and an eternal Kingdom. We are just kind of laying the ground work for our study in Daniel and Revelation (I know, am I a product of NTBI or what?). No but Daniel and Revelation go together so naturally it would be harder not to teach them together so there.

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