Monday, April 02, 2007

The Family's Growing...

Somebody special has just entered our little family. Or should I say some "bunny" special. Ha. Oh wow, why do I bother? Anyway Jen and I were on a date and I made a wrong turn (although I still maintained control of where we were better than a GPS system) and we wind up at the flea market. Ok, let's walk around. So we get around all the way to the back and they have animals back there. Pedigree multi million dollar dogs, lizards, get the idea. Well they also had bunnies for a couple bucks and Jen has been wanting a miniture lop-eared rabbit since before we got married. Well, they had one.

We are still tossing around name ideas. Right now we just call it good bunny or bad bunny, depending on what it did. The name ideas we are tossing around include but are not limited to "Ihop" "Napolean" and "Fang". I like Fang personally. He's a cute little guy, but he goes to the bathroom constantly. It's amazing. And he can jump over thing 3 feet high. Or should a say she. Yes, fang is a girl.


LeAnn said...

With that title you guys totally had me going for a second!! I hope you are doing great, Love ya.

CalebandKristina said...

she's so cute!! she looks just like my bunny!!!

The Hamb Fambly said...

We like IHOP but fang is good also, we are envious of your camping trip wish we could have been there. Good to hear you are doing well. We miss you both.
the Hambs

The Sawades said...

The boys love your good or bad!

Its always neat seeing your updates and taking time to drop you a note.

Miss you both so much,

the said...

Oh, the boys have been wanting a bunny also. You'll have to let us know REALLY how much work they are ;)

I had a bunny when I was growing up but he was outside. Do the smell much inside and do you have to change their cage every day.

With the 3 boys keeping us plenty busy we really are wondering if we need a pet that might require a lot of work :)