Tuesday, October 31, 2006

kumpewtar eliterat

Wow, I just spent the better part of this evening trying to get this blog to look like I wanted it, and it still isn't quite right. But for me, it's a job well done. I have many more important things to do.

Tonight was the trunk or treat community outreach event at my church. It was a great time with a great turnout. Over 500 kids from the community (not including Rives Baptist kids) were there. What a blessing! No word on the results yet but we hope that relationships were built with people and that unbelievers can see that we are just normal people, only we believe that Jesus Christ took our sin penalty upon Himself in death and that believing this is the only means of salvation from the penalty of sin. :-) That doesn't make us not normal. We're still just normal people, and hopefully that was communicated tonight so when we do have the opportunity to proclaim the gospel our message will be heard.

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